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Access = Opportunity

Unreliable transportation limits access to employment and training opportunities and public transit alone will not be able to bridge these transportation gaps to equitable access to living-wage jobs.

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Childcare is a Parent Tax

At least 55% of working parents in Shelby County have experienced employment challenges due to inadequate childcare. Many leave the workforce because the cost of childcare outweighs their income or because childcare is simply unavailable due to travel distances or the shift they work.

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Traveling Employment Pathways Blind

In Memphis, few resources exist to help people experiencing poverty identify their professional strengths and match those strengths with the living-wage jobs that value them most. As a result, tens of thousands of people are pursuing misaligned employment pathways resulting in low retention rates.

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Proximity Promotes Progress

People living in poverty must often navigate unwieldy and inefficient systems to access workforce development services. While these programs are designed to help lift people out of poverty, they are often not located close to populations experiencing poverty.

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Daily Needs Derail Degrees

It’s hard to imagine choosing between groceries or textbooks, enrollment fees, or the gas to get to class. For students experiencing poverty, the lack of resources and support allows seemingly insignificant factors to derail the completion of career and technical education programs.

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